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Eastern Blitz 2h 228
Eastern Classical 2h 30m 2
Hourly Crazyhouse 57m 0
Hourly SuperBlitz 57m 0
U2000 Blitz 57m 1
Hourly Bullet 27m 0
Forsyth 3+1 Atom Rated 20m 4
Fressinet 3+0 Atom 45m 2
Albin 4+2 Anti Rated 45m 2
Bledow 0+1 KotH Rated 20m 4
Lautier 3+0 960 Rated 45m 1
Bruzón 3+1 Racing Rated 50m 1
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  1. Lucky wins - 16 combined blund… Juanma206 This game was so hilarious it's not funny. Congrats on your luck-fest.
  2. Edward or Emanuel Lasker free … coledavis Why not just learn descriptive notation? It's a fine way of viewing ch…
  3. Lucky wins - 16 combined blund… Rairden https://en.lichess.org/NoxU8asM/black#39 I'm posting this game beca…
  4. Profiting from opening prepara… achja Playing in a correspondence chess game I wondered whether to go for Ce…
  5. Most trophies ever??? RoyalPython Congratulations Lance, no one deserves this more. Well done!
  6. Rating Neverness No, they use Elo. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chess_rating_system…
  7. Most trophies ever??? EvilChess Congrats my friend! Remember when I told you had to try Lichess bec…
  8. Sort Studies by Favorites Cytotoxic I think it would helpful if there was a way to sort studies by the num…
  9. Rating toddhager So it is the same rating system used by the United States Chess Federa…
  10. Opening Trainer JustOp Some of the new positions have the main line as a fail. Something must…
  11. Most trophies ever??? Tangelo777 Finally! @Lance5500 is now a titled player! @Lance5500 is the stronges…
  12. Rating toddhager What rating system is used on this site??
  13. Most trophies ever??? FireWorks Maybe it's time to move the trophies onto the side of the profile :-)
  14. LICHESS OLYMPIAD (Individual) … MajorBlunder Congrats Agent ! You did a good job.
  15. Most trophies ever??? BM_sandwich CONGRATULATIONS! To the greatest player and true student and master o…
  16. Most trophies ever??? thibault With his chess skills and his legendary kindness, Lance5500 represents…
  17. d4 - Nf6 blackzombie Your real account? Do you have 2 accounts of which only one of them is…
  18. Game is getting analysed. pawnjamespawn I'd like that too. I have yet to play a game and then have opponent jo…
  19. Most trophies ever??? ixdon2 Or even in 1/2+0 xD https://en.lichess.org/r52s27cG/white https://…
  20. Most trophies ever??? ixdon2 #17 OK, what about beating Stockfish level 8 at Atomic 3/4+0? :) http…
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Stockfish is learning

Artificial intelligence for Atomic, Horde, and Racing Kings!

How to start learning chess

The next step after learning how the pieces move.

Summer 2016 Marathon

The legendary 24h chess tournament is back.