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  1. Lateral thinking Egroegw Black has just sacrificed his rook with Rxc3. Why?
  2. REQUEST: Numerical Value for s… IM Squarology Nevermind, I got it. Just had to inspect the element.
  3. REQUEST: Numerical Value for s… IM Squarology I think it would be pretty neat to be able to set the size of the boar…
  4. Mr.1488 MajorBlunder I just google 1488. And found out that it is White Supremacy Encrypti…
  5. GM ICCF Simul Salsablanca Want to play an interesting game? 15 boards simul join at -> https:…
  6. Raise That Rating - Chess YouT… chessanalyst @finix14 that was actually a pretty good game considering your rating.…
  7. Raise That Rating - Chess YouT… CM Reeceys @Finix14 I'll take a look at it!
  8. More U1600 and U1800 tournamen… GuerrillaChess There are few tournaments with a rating cap, why is that?
  9. Mr.1488 cupcakesprinkles123 wow thats impressive! :D he still needs the 1488 in correspondence and…
  10. lobby games campamochin why block me 1 hr? cant i choose whoi i want to play?
  11. Mr.1488 achja :D ... @Hilarious was taken already ?
  12. Mr.1488 Manuel2 Look at the pattern Ca…
  13. Mr.1488 PinkyPawn how utterly bizarre!
  14. I messed up in the middlegame.… finix14 @KestonyChess Thanks a lot for uploading those videos. Already subbed.…
  15. Sharing an opening idea for bl… achja Some time ago I came up with the Nc6-b8 idea, after I read some articl…
  16. Bug on move input (only when i… Ziparildo I move by clicking twice. When I am in check it does not work. I click…
  17. Simul FM NobodyReally Correction. now it's For …
  18. I messed up in the middlegame.… achja @finix14 #1 You played very good but a little bit passive in the open…
  19. Simul FM NobodyReally Link in post #2 Classical simul. Start-time 19.30 GMT / 15.30 EST…
  20. Spice up, a little kingdom for… achja Even though in slight time trouble I was pleased to do some endgame ex…
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