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Eastern Three-check 1h 13
Hourly Bullet 26m 11
Takács 0+2 KotH Rated 30m 3
Letelier 0+1 KotH Rated 25m 1
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  1. Suggestion about translation p… Spirit_of_Fire Agree, old version of the translation was much better.
  2. World Chess Rapid and Blitz C… Uxe This year it's in Berlin. Is there some online live games ? I would…
  3. Suggestion about translation p… rzenaikrzys Amazing..... When I want to create game,I have "utwórz partię" button…
  4. Proxy Errors After Android Upd… ChessInstinct I know, right? It happens to me too. It sometimes prevents me from doi…
  5. Strenghth ofo computer weakwithwords @Imperatore, it's not your imagination. AI8 was 2400 a day or two ago…
  6. Strenghth ofo computer Imperatore strength levels of computers have increased ELO or am I wrong ?
  7. KOTH stockfish request Toadofsky #1 Yes, I'm working on it... thanks for letting me know.
  8. KOTH stockfish request zenzizenzic Can you guys stop stockfish from losing like this, please? http://en.…
  9. I won but lost rating? Unihedron I meant that the mate was theoretically impossible, but practically po…
  10. I won but lost rating? Fenris1066 Yes, it is practically impossible in terms of evaluating positions wit…
  11. I won but lost rating? SineRequie @Unihedron I'm pretty sure it's the opposite :P @AndrzejRzeczycki glad…
  12. I won but lost rating? Unihedron Practically possible, theoretically impossible.
  13. I won but lost rating? qkxwsm It actually is possible for white to get checkmated from that position…
  14. Improving Openings Trainer Neverness I don't think someone that get 3/4 right should lose as many points as…
  15. I won but lost rating? AndrzejRzeczycki Thanks a lot, SineRequie! :D It was the answer I needed.
  16. I beat stockfish 8, lol. Usolando 3+2 with only one takeback 1 inaccuracy, 1 mistake and you lost 20 o…
  17. I beat stockfish 8, lol. DatHeadTho Here's the game. http://en.lichess.org/y8BJ0BmnCbS0
  18. I won but lost rating? SineRequie From Wikipedia (chess rules draw time): """ In games played with a…
  19. I won but lost rating? Usolando you can't force a checkmate, so that counts as insufficient material …
  20. I won but lost rating? Money-mayweather Lichess draw rules are pretty messed up but in an otb game u would hav…
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