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 Hourly Blitz 50m  19
 Faulkner  2+0 Rated 40m  1/6
 McDowell  2+0 40m  1/8
 Mayer  1+0 Anti Rated 1h  9/4
 Preston  2+0 Atom Rated 1h 30m  9/4
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  1. Spock is Dead chunkymonkey Spock was a main character in Star Trek - a fictional TV series from t […]
  2. Free Lessons proof_07 Hey, Mikey, how many lessons you can give?
  3. I noticed something AceMove3 It is easy to have a high anticshess level - the secret is you have to […]
  4. Trophy Competition Count Toscani The trophies are like Championship belts. People get a virtual trophy […]
  5. why so rude Dixie2011 Hellball: I agree, this is why I hope there will be some sort of chat […]
  6. Spock is Dead chesssky2 who is that?
  7. why so rude Hellball I wouldn't say it's rude to _not_ reply back with 'hi', but it's rude […]
  8. hate of puzzles rise_UIED @3: Learn something new everyday! Still, most of these puzzles, ho […]
  9. why so rude CorrespondenceOnly Thank you for this relevant remark...
  10. Chess Rating calculator Baluk Hi, This glicko2 rating system I do not like. According to fide […]
  11. hate of puzzles goldilocks #8, yup, was agreeing with you :)
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  15. How many games a day do you play? Hellball Or, as Seirawan puts it, 'When most people learn to play chess, they u […]
  16. How many games a day do you play? Hellball I hate to be that guy but... #9, http://lichess.org/@/german11 has […]
  17. How many games a day do you play? Cynosure Hi Curlaub, you're probably remembering a post I made in this thread: […]
  18. There ought to be an "Unfinish […] proof_07 As for me, I always wait my opponent, and sometimes i given him more t […]
  19. Glitch/bug in live chess stevieblues This is a very relevant bug. Do mods exist here?
  20. hate of puzzles Cynosure #8, that's where pattern recognition comes into play. There's plent […]
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