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 Daily Blitz 1h 20m  4
 Hourly Bullet 30m  1
 Burke  3+1 Rated 30m  1/4
 Young  5+2 Rated 40m  1/30
 Wong  5+0 3+ Rated 20m  22/4
 Hunt  0+1 Rated 20m  11/4
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  1. Standard vs Blitz rating reredeg its prob cause u dont really think in blitz, u just move. in standard […]
  2. stockfish centipawn wichy Hi, Thank you a lot for this great place to enjoy the excitement of […]
  3. Standard vs Blitz rating POMMODORO In the last weeks I've been playing Blitz 5+0 and my rating was around […]
  4. White plays and wins, how ? EG-Gamer55 http://en.lichess.org/vmP7SxDPTAee (no edit button)
  5. White plays and wins, how ? EG-Gamer55 here is my funny try
  6. Puzzle solution Clarkey That's because the puzzle is still playable. Press the "Give up" butt […]
  7. Live tournaments relay Cincinnatus Would love to see Lichess implement this feature. Thanks
  8. Puzzle solution Wofford It wont show you the solution. Doesn't really matter much, it's a sma […]
  9. Puzzle solution Dima666 what are you talking about?
  10. Puzzle solution Wofford If you fail at a puzzle and retry it and still fail it wont let you se […]
  11. White plays and wins, how ? Dragon_Bishop @ LM F_D89 : exact, there is no immediate win, it's only positionnal […]
  12. PREMOVES stonecollector Sometimes premoves appear on the borad. When you cancel it by clicking […]
  13. White plays and wins, how ? LM F_D89 I can see white has the advantage, but I don't see an 'immediate' win […]
  14. takebacks Wofford I think it's a good option to have.
  15. ERROR KaiTo_KiD not it only but every puzzle i play doesn't end please help
  16. ERROR KaiTo_KiD There is an error in puzzle 8847 please fix it
  17. White plays and wins, how ? Dragon_Bishop After 32.Kg2, there is 32. ... Qe7 and this is the end of attack
  18. What kind of music do you like PigsRule http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WEQnzs8wl6E
  19. What kind of music do you like Dima666 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e34NHSA5Wvg
  20. takebacks dhruvan Granting somebody a take back and then we ask them they never give!! A […]
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