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  2. Improving without studying Chess_Agent I suppose so. This sounds sorta vague, but as your mind changes, I sup […]
  3. Improving without studying l33t_5l4ck3r Do you think a person can improve their chess playing without studying […]
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  7. Time during takeback mandeep Jonah, how did you handle mouseslips in the park? chunkymonkey, I k […]
  8. Why Was this Topic Closed? andonuts For the same reason this one will be. ;)
  9. Time during takeback chunkymonkey And that's what I like about chess! Jonah :D
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  13. Time during takeback mandeep I have no clue what you just said.
  14. Time during takeback chunkymonkey ? You're playing the ultimate chess right.....quick everything.......a […]
  15. Why Was this Topic Closed? chunkymonkey http://en.lichess.org/forum/off-topic-discussion/anonymous-users
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